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What would you like to see as the new FT scratch build aircraft.


New member
I for sure love experimental planes so i whould love to see XP-54, XP-55 or XP-56 be made.
when i get the hang of how to build planes i will try out the XP-55 and see if it will fly. :)


AMA 51668
how 'bout an old timer freeflight design in both mini (24") and midi (40") sizes? simple undercamber airfoiled dihedral (or polyhedral) high wing, profile fuselage, 3 channels. hmm .... perhaps for a "duration" event, 20 second motor run to altitude, 2 minute max?


Do you think it would be possible to do a sort of hot liner/ fast glider, or what about say Pitts special Christian eagle type plane. Or something with huge throws for some crazy flying!!
Something with variable geometry

Hey FT
Please give us something with variable geometry like maybe the FB-111 aardvark I know that you guys could do something like this.

Thanks David
With the success of the Tiny Whoov, I wouldn't mind seeing more projects that are tailored to salvaged materials and/or aren't exclusively flight-oriented. That latter category can get overdone quickly, so I wouldn't want it to come right away, but it's certainly something to keep in mind, especially to release for next winter.