Willy Nillies Falcon 250 Twin!


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I used the TLAR method to make up the landing gear.
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Clamped and hanging up so the epoxy doesn't run down the legs...
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And she sits pretty well! A little final bendy when the wheels are on that it'll be good.
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Time to make some wings.
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And a second wing half.
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Glued together with some dihedral and a pair of the 1104 motors hanging off it for sizing.

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I think I like that spacing, but I either need to find some different color props or get ready for some wacky paint job!
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So let's try to mock up some nacelle short ribs using the remainder sprue as a template
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They fit ok.
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Hmm... looks interesting, but that center rib is right in the way of the esc - and if I made those short ribs with square front ends I could use it for the motor mount too... I think I'll move it over and square it off.. that way I can keep the ESC right next to the motor and not need to rewire that part.

I like! Perhaps you could mount the motor on a box extending from the wing leading edge, then mount the ESC on the underside of said box. Then cover it with a cowl to round it off and make it look nice. As long as there's an exit hole, the ESC will stay nice and cool.

Just read this thread - AWESOME! I gotta buy me a willy nillies kit sometime...

Do it! The Eaglet I built despite me screwing around with it was probably the easiest kit I've had experience with. Absolutely perfect as a first kit - pretty much all of the Willy Nillies kits are. I'm on the verge of buying another and screwing it up even more. And maybe buying some kits to gift to friends!


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New approach on the nacelle short ribs


Yeah, I like this better. Add a balsa cap on top and leave the bottom open for cooling. If I can find something round and the right size to make a cowl that would be nice too...


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More of that progress stuff! I didn't take many pictures of the process 'cause I was using the phone to host a "Workshop Happy Half-Hour" on Zoom for some club members. It was a lot of fun and very theraputic, even for the guys who were stuck at work, to sand some balsa and talk planes while building. I highly recommend it!

So here's the nacelle I came up with. Motor is very secure, and I think with some opaque covering my sins will be hidden! :D


There is room around the motor mount for air intake, and I put a hole in the bottom sheeting for the exit to keep the ESC cool.


Added the bottom center sheeting.

Had to sit it all together and make plane noises for a minute... I think the motor spacing looks good for the prop size.


I was thinking of how to sheet over the nose... but maybe I just put a camera mount there instead...:unsure:

I don't think I'd be flying her FPV, but it could be fun to give someone a ride! :D


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This time the sheeting goes down first, and the nacelle will go over it.

But I don't know how big it's going to be, so instead I'll get the servos in...

And get the wiring roughed in.

In this picture you can also see that I'm clipping the ailerons. Don't need it to be too twitchy. :D
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Last night I mixed up epoxy for the wire connection for the elevator halves

Looks pretty good

Carved out the canopy block.

Pulled these wheels out of the drawer. They look a little fat but could work. Depends on the nacelles and motor mounts I think. I also added some cross pieces for the nose so the covering will lay nicely.