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  1. R

    im new....and need advice...in many area's

    just starting out. i have a husban x4. trimming is painful and parts aren't easy. best place to get parts? another couple of things... just got the quanum Trifecta. but i have no idea which controller to use. people advise all sorts. what's best? and finally I've managed to....revive an old...
  2. A

    Thinking about changing my motors but I need some experienced opinions

    Hey guys, about a month ago my electrohub had a horrible crash where one of the props broke in mid air causing my quad to faceplant into the ground, lucky for me the only real damaged part were the wooden arms and a few props. now that I rebuilt it, the 8" props that I use look to small compared...
  3. P

    Need some help! multi rotor (motor problem)

    Hello people of the internet, I am in need of a little bit of help, (feel free to skip intro) Let me explain my problem and hopefully someone with lot more knowledge than myself will be able to help me out or show me a way. So I bought the multi-rotor a while back but had to wait for the...
  4. aslansknight

    How much space do I need?

    I built an FT Flyer that I'd like to try out soon but I'm not sure how much space I'll need to have for learning to fly "for real". What are your recommendations? I'll have to do some driving regardless, but that's okay. I just want to make sure that wherever I go, there is enough space. There...
  5. A

    FT viggen question

    Will the FT viggen be able to hold this motor? http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/%5F%5F49489%5F%5FDr%5FMad%5FThrust%5F70mm%5F11%5FBlade%5FAlloy%5FEDF%5F1900kv%5FMotor%5F1900watt%5F6S%5F.html It seems like the thrust is too high, will the frame hold up?
  6. A

    Is this a right model for the FT viggen?

    I want to get an EDF for the ft viggen, however I want to make sure that this is the right edf. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/%5F%5F49489%5F%5FDr%5FMad%5FThrust%5F70mm%5F11%5FBlade%5FAlloy%5FEDF%5F1900kv%5FMotor%5F1900watt%5F6S%5F.html Does it have too high of a thrust? Will the...
  7. aslansknight

    Transmitter mode for FT Flyer

    Transmitter mode for FT Flyer [answered] I started by building the FT 3D because I thought it looked super cool. (Not a good reason to build an RC plane, I've discovered.) I then proceeded to crash it into the ground, a few trees, a light post, several bushes, etc... That was all fun - and...
  8. Lukas

    NEED HELP - FT Linkage stoppers don't fit servos

    I'm making my first scratch build FT Flyer, I ordered some accessories off the FT store like the firewall, push-rods and linkage stoppers. Then I got the recommended electronics from lazertoys.com. I've just installed my servos to find that the screw on the bottom of the linkage stoppers is way...
  9. T

    New to hobby - Need your help!

    Hello Flite Test Community and thanks ahead of time for your input. To save you a paragraph of my life story, here is a quick run down of where I stand with the hobby. I have been interested in the hobby for a few years, but never gave it a try Flite Test has inspired me to get into the hobby...
  10. 1

    First Tricopter Build - Advice welcome!

    Hello guys, This post has gotten a bit long... Skip the first part (marked #) if you dont have much time for my life-story: ################################## I'm looking at this hobby for 1-2 years now and really want to get into flying multirotors. I had a coax-heli a few years ago, but it...
  11. A

    First FPV setup Advice

    So I'm looking into getting my first FPV setup. I really want to do goggles, mainly for the portability and immersion. I'm leaning toward the Fatshark Teleporter V3, the cheapest set of goggles. I also know that the antennas should be upgraded to circular polarized. However, I don't know much...
  12. R

    Help with batteries?

    Hi, everyone, I've seen the beginner series and I got really confused on the battery episode. I didn't understand about charging them, mainly. The battery I want to get for my ft old speedster is a turnigy 1000mAH 3s 20c lipo pack. Could someone please tell me stuff like flight time, what...
  13. BankNYank!

    Budget Multirotor. Tricopter? Advice Please.

    Long story short, I had a $600 budget. Now I have $200 and no multirotor. If your wondering how that happened please read the story below. To start off I'd like to confess I know very little about multirotors, I've only been flying and scratch building about three or four months now and thats...
  14. H

    FT Duster-Maiden help?

    I had my maiden flight today with my duster however it does not want to climb very well I have a turnigy 1450kv motor running on a 3s 1300mah lipo with a 7" prop Ideas?
  15. H

    What FT swabable should i build first?

    Hello all, So i was contemplating building the FT speedster but have decided against it as i am not sure i like the slow flight characteristics. i basically wanted to know what you guys think would be the easiest more advance swappable? Thanks.
  16. Imanewb

    Advice on electronics welcome. Everything is ordered, I think...

    As my username suggests I am completely new to the hobby but I can already tell its addictive. Been doing a ton of research and placed all my orders over the weekend. I was checking to make sure everything was correct and thought I could post up what's on the way and get feedback from the...
  17. D

    Getting into the hobby -- need suggestions on a Tx with room to grow

    Hi, I'm planning on jumping into the hobby in the near future. I've never horsed around with R/C anything before (although I ran a Lionel O-scale setup with my dad when I was younger). I really enjoy scratch-building (I used to be an avid tabletop miniature gamer when I had more free time)...
  18. F

    prop saver on a tri?

    Was watching some video on youtube and saw a tricopter with prop-savers on it. I am wondering, never having seen that before, are they useful on multi-rotors? or even advisable? Foo
  19. F

    Is a batbone Tri suitable as a first multirotor (working towards FPV)?

    I have nearly 20 years experience with R/Cing (worked for a hobby shop for nearly two years, long ago) and have been in all kinds of craft (monster trucks, on road cars, heli's (mostly co-ax), fixed wing, now boats). Let's put it this way, when I started with R/C, FM radios were the new and...
  20. R

    Best Servos For Use in EOT Models Rare Bear

    Hello Flitetesters, My son and I are finally building the EOT Model Rare Bear he got for an Xmas present. I am trying to decide which servos to use in the plane and would like your advice. We have the Hextronic 9 Gram econo servos or a set of Spektrum DS821 Digital servos at hand and ready to...