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  1. T

    Help! Tricopter flies well, but then suddenly loses control and crashes

    Hi folks I've been flying for a while and recently got into multirotors, built a tricopter to David's design, then made a few changes and now I am up to version 3 of my own take on David's tricopter. It flies great and is the most stable and responsive tricopter I've built yet. However, I've...
  2. A

    Calling All Experienced Multirotorists, beginner in need of some advice.

    I have built a tricopter and I think i have not properly matched my major components. I will start by admitting that I don't really know what I am doing. I finally put together a working machine and flew (crashed repeatedly) for a few minutes. I was experiencing a lot of problems getting a...
  3. P

    Pilon racing

    I would really love the flight test guys to do some fast pylon racing with your swappables or scratch built racers, high speed, huge banking, and a high chance of things goings bad, what more would you want for a fun day with friends :D
  4. F

    First crash questions

    Took out my Bixler 2 the other day for my first flight. It was glorious! Lasted a whole 8 seconds :cool: . It broke a control horn on the elevator so I couldn't try again right away. Thinking of going out and trying again this evening, just have a question: The leading edge of one of my wings...
  5. Leo82

    What happens when quad looses a motor, see the video.

    Here's a video of my DJI F450 Naza gps quad with TBS motor + ESC combo taking a dirt nap. One ESC had cold soldered connector on it from factory. Always check your multirotor escs and don't trust expensive stuff. That was lesson i learned. Makes me wonder why pay more for poor quality when you...
  6. A

    Tricopter arms folding midflight

    I built David's Tricopter, didn't follow any specific version. I was flying with the KK2 v1.6. It was flying pretty well and I was doing figures of eight. Now, at one left turn, I noticed that it'd turned into a T-copter!! It was still flying stable though. After a few more seconds of flying...
  7. D

    FT Flyer, Meet Pole.

  8. R

    Rc sky surfer crash with video

    Hi everyone Just wanted to share my story of a little crash I was flying my sky surfer(bixler) pretty low about 3 metres off the ground (9 feet) and because it was one of my first flights so i was constantly pulling up then pushing down then pulling up and so on Then i accidentaly throttled back...
  9. Wade's RC Hangar

    Hey, Watch This!!!

    So a buddy of mine and me were out flying the other day. Unusually warm and calm weather for the winter time too. We had been flying for about 2 hours and decided to pull out old trusty. The Parkzone T-28. One thing lead to another and we started taking photos. Then we decided to get some...
  10. J

    New to RC & Flying, decided on Blade MQX, here's some tips and tricks...

    Beginners experience, RC Quadcopter, Blade MQX Crash & Repair
  11. B

    Zephyr II Maiden and Crash!

    My 3rd launch ends in disaster. A total loss albeit the equipment. Headed back to Rockyflyr for a re-build! Pilot error Launch to sticks got ugly. Perspectives from the plane and ground using GoPro Hero cameras
  12. B

    learning to fly the h quad

    I am new to quad copters so heres a vid of me learning to fly with the inevitable crashes
  13. T

    HobbyKing Bixler - TX Light

    Hey There! I've had my H.K Bixler for a few months now, and have only had this problem recently. The light on my stock TX (Transmitter) is flashing. For most of my flights the light was solid, I've only had one flight in which the light was flashing and I quickly lost control, fortunately, the...
  14. K

    Teksumo Speed fluttering

    So I've had the Teksumo for a while now but on the maiden flight I got some serious speed fluttering of the elevens which eventuates in the wing splitting itself apart down the middle, in midair. I repaired it and it flies but I just can go fast now otherwise it flutters again. In the FliteTest...
  15. Jeffrey Saelee

    (BOOM!) Retired plane? What I did with mine :D

    This plane served me well, but it was time to retire it....It sat doing nothing for a couple months. Then i had the idea to do what any american kid/teen would do--Blow it up! So I brought out 4 cameras (canon T3i, panasonic HS900, kodak ZX3, keychain camera) and my sister and made some works...
  16. E

    EPO stronger than "steel"?

    I am convinced; here's why. Coming in to land with my Durafly EPO Corsair, misjudged the proximity of some tall bushes next to the tarmac. Right wing caught the bushes and plane spun 360 degrees and skated a little ways almost cartwheeling. Broke one of the landing gear clean off. Wingtip was a...
  17. A-9

    Skywalker chasing Bixler mid-air collision!!!!

    Hi guys, I have a really nice video for you today. It took about one hour to film and about 6 hours to edit,render and upload!! We putted allot of work into this videos. So checkout the video below and subscribe for more videos. (Vampire unboxing+review+flight footage) Comment and tell us...
  18. Bigshow4u

    Well, it USED to fly....... Maybe it will again?

    Well, got some bad news. About 2 weeks ago I went flying and had several great flights all day dropping Nerf bombs and Nerf Dart bombs with streamers attached, just having some good ol fun with my son until....... the very last flight of the day. I noticed it was getting windy very fast and I...
  19. woodss

    The day my WildHawk died...

    So I stopped crying long enough to retrieve the video: heh.
  20. Jeffrey Saelee

    Failed builds, Bad Crashes....Post Pics

    Suggested by Fred Provost (AKA Flying Monkey) Post pictures of your failed builds, Bad crashes, etc here. I might post some too. :)