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  1. S

    Help identifying motor?

    I recently was at an auction and got this motor out of an old plane and I want to know what it is. Its not letting me upload the pictures directly so her is a link: http://imgur.com/a/gZ7N1
  2. M

    Motor Problem

    I recently constructed the FT Flyer and mounted the motor that had been through a crash on my tiny trainer but afterwards still worked. Today when i tested the motor out for the first time on the Flyer, it just like jerks around. The only improvement I have been able to make was to get it to...
  3. M

    Motor Issues

    Hello, I have an Emax motor and ESC. I can sometimes get the motor to spin up to full throttle, but most times the motor seems to skip and turn only slowly. When I do get the motor to spin up I have to carefully feather the throttle to achieve full throttle up. I have set the start force to...
  4. V

    Hello and some questions about a 250 Racing Quad

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forum, and I wanted to ask a question regarding my Quadcopter. I'm using a 250 frame with a 3 Cell 2250mAH Lumenier battery, and it has 12 Amp BLHeli ESCs, along with EMAX MT2204 KV2300 Motors. As I have only flown this drone for roughly three months...
  5. J

    How do I attach motor to power pod?

    Hi folks, building my first RC plane – the FT Storch. Not getting very far! Bought the precut kit with the recommended electronics. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to attach the motor to the power pod. Obviously, the wires in this picture must be stationary. Thus, that part of...
  6. T

    My Motor went up in smoke, can I trust my ESCs?

    Hello, i Have a problem and hope you can help me. A while ago I flashed BLheli on my Afro 30A ESCs. I then tested one of them with my old Turnigy motor to make sure it wouldn't damage the Motor, did a few tests, looked if the Motor gets warm and so on. Then I flashed BLheli on all my ESCs...
  7. A

    Gremlin Emax motor faulty, need replacement!

    Hey Flitetest, I already submitted a Support inquiry about this but I haven't heard anything in 24 hours now and these things always bother me to no end so I feel impulsive to try and get a response lol. (But sorry if I'm being pushy) My Case number is 43646 Basically, one of my motors on my...
  8. J

    Question on Motor and ESC replacement

    I broke the front right arm on my Eachine Falcon 250 Pro and banged up the motor too, from the sound of it. I have to replace the arm and I am going to replace the motor too. The ESC (all the motors and ESCs are stock) should be just fine and I want to keep it. If I buy a new motor should I...
  9. C

    Tiny Trainer motor question

    Hello, I'm new to the hobby and building a Tiny Trainer. Would this be a good motor for it? https://hobbyking.com/en_us/qav1806-2300kv-ccw.html It's already on the power pod, but I figured I'd better ask before the maiden. Will use this prop...
  10. Vampircorn

    Motor Stutter

    I'm running an emax rs2205 2600kv motor with a 40a ESC on a 3S lipo and 5x4 props, and I'm getting issues with the motor stuttering on low throttle. I tried a 12a and an 18a ESC and had the same issue. Is my battery too low voltage or is my ESC too low amperage for the rs2205?
  11. J

    Turnigy 1806 or 2206

    Hi All My First post here. Like 10 years back I used to make small park flyers from speed 280 and speed 400 motors and now I need to get back in to the hobby. As I have no experience what so ever with brushless motors, I would like to get your advice choosing a motor for models of span...
  12. W

    How to tell how quality a motor is????

    I need semi high quality motors for a 450 mm acro line of sigh quad (carbon fiber ) that is about 150 grams. I'm using a naze32 and spectrum race receiver. I need motors that are somewhat high quality but not over 20 dollars each. They need to have high torque and pretty high speed, how do I...
  13. C

    Motor Constraints

    Trying to Find Motor Hi all, This is my first post on this forum (any forum for that matter) and I am pretty new to this rc business. I am currently building a hovercraft for a competition, and am having trouble finding a motor that meets the given constraints. The motor has to be brushed and...
  14. C

    Motor Mount

    I'm working on a multi engine foamy. Its our first foamy ever. I need to mount the motors on the wings and I didn't think about it when we made the wing. So what's the best solution for mounting the motor? Wood, metal brackets???
  15. S


    I just built a new quad with a spracingf3 flight controller and I have a problem where motor 1 will randomly turn off when i give it power... , I have checked all solder connections... I have tried to flash cleanflight firmware to try to fix it but it says lost connection, and something about...
  16. H

    What kind of leads do I need to connect esc to motor

    I found some called banana plug is that what I need
  17. J

    Noob seeking help w/ motor/ESC/RX/TX problem - can't throttle to max

    Hi, I'm just getting into R/C, and am building a "towel" Delta-wing flyer, one mistake at a time. I've got fully charged lipos, an ESC that seems to be responding correctly, a receiver that appears to be working, and a motor that can maintain rpm only with the TX shut off, and only for a...
  18. GH0ST_DATA

    Motor not responding...

    Hi guys! :) I'm here because my motor (Flite Test Power Pack A, Emax MT 1806) is not responding, even at full throttle. :confused: I tried to calibrate my ESC multiple times, but it didn't work. My ESC is the Flite Test Power Pack A ESC (BL Heli - 12 amp). I watched "Connecting Electronics"...
  19. S

    Brushless motor shaking

    Hello, I am new to the rc world, so I decided to build the mini mustang, and now that I am finished with the built in was checking the electronics and something weird happens. I already did the throttle range adjustment for the esc, but when I try to start the motor at low speed it starts to...
  20. M

    3D Printed EDF Jet Engine

    Hello, Me and my friend designed a EDF jet engine, wich we printed out using a 3D printer. After assembly and testing we came to a conclusion that it is working pretty well. So we decided to build a bigger one. Currently the jet turbine measures 12cm (4.73in) and it is 22cm (8.66in) long. The...