2021 SeaPlane Design & Build Challenge!


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sorry I wasnt able to finish. the design might be good but current electronics taken up, and well I still am not confident in flying an aura stabilized ft legacy single enginge, trainer configuration. a early version of the bat glider is up as a resource, but it is dissasembeled into a stock simple soarer no motor, so I cannot provide a photo
Do you have a photo from when it was finished.


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I got distracted by other projects and repairs. I still really want to finish it, but part of my problem is that its hard to get excited about something made of brown foam or with a scale paint job when nearly all my flying time is at night.


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Test Fly RC

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I'll post some pictures of my sea vixen later on.
Here's the video of my sea vixen flying:
(My brother videoed with his runcam 5 so the audio and video might not be the best)
(Sorry it took me so long to post this)
After I have optimized the plans i'll post them.