2021 SeaPlane Design & Build Challenge!


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1020 brushed,
Banggood (or AliExp) micro esc. Bought a handful a while ago. Fun to mess with but a little tricky to solder...



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Thanks that is exactly what I'm looking for for my Ultrix clone. Let's see that take off from the water!
I had it as a 4 motor (Boeing 314 clipper) at first but these 10mm motors are more power than i had figured with the 75mm props. Perfect power as a twin so thats what I went with.

Im thinking it should get off the water as long as i can keep it straight! Lol

Ive actually used these escs for a lot of random things, they work awsome. Last i saw they had them in reversible form as well (but not quite as small)


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OK so as everyone knows... it is Pencils down time.

I managed to complete nothing myself, but a number of you did quite well. And I love what's come of it all. Remember just because the Challenge is over doesn't mean that we shouldn't finish up the project and post results here.
I will be look over the projects that folks who finished, over the next week.

As Always, I really want to thank everyone who gave this a go, and those who finished:

I truly enjoy the temporary community we build around these challenges and the drive it gives me to step it up. If you have any flight vids, please post them in your build threads, as i will be checking them out.

a Heart-Felt Thanks to everyone here.

OH! - Please post a current/finished pick of your project. Below
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Project photos of ready build:
Yokosuka H7Y


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Well don't let that stop you! Build away. I'll watch! great Pic
sorry I wasnt able to finish. the design might be good but current electronics taken up, and well I still am not confident in flying an aura stabilized ft legacy single enginge, trainer configuration. a early version of the bat glider is up as a resource, but it is dissasembeled into a stock simple soarer no motor, so I cannot provide a photo