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AP Mini Mirage (swappable)

Yayat, I also like your yellow-blue color combination! It is a pity your maiden flight wasn't successful.
Which motor did you use and what is the all up weight of your model?
Yayat, I also like your yellow-blue color combination! It is a pity your maiden flight wasn't successful.
Which motor did you use and what is the all up weight of your model?
I haven't weight it, for the motor I use kingkong 2205 which has been rewinded. I think it is to powerfull. I used the motor on goblin before (it weight around 500g).
here is maiden video

I manage to flew it twice
Just printed out at 115% because I only have 2200 batteries, not sure if going to use my 64mm edf or motor. Are the any build instructions anywhere that I could check before I start?
There is no building instruction. You can only study the parts list in the build plan. I recommend that you assemble the Mirage according to the numbers in the parts list. If you have concrete questions, just contact me!

By the way: I think that a 2200 battery will be too heavy for this model at 115% size. If it's a 3 battery, don't do it. 4s could work with a 64mm EDF unit, but certainly not with 2200 mAh at 115% size. You should enlarge the model even further to lower the WCL value.
Sorry, gave the wrong weight yesterday. Take off weight yesterday wass 600 grams, todays take off weight is going to be 500 grams with a 4c battery instead of a 3c and improved breathing for motor (see photo) Flights are going to be fast but short today!



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thanks a lot for this awesome plans. I realy enjoyed build it!!

ap mini mirage.jpg

Even if it is far away from a perfect build from my side, i hope you don't mind for adding you logo on it.
But i thought: "honor to whom honor is due"


Base Material: impact sound insulation (don't have foamboard here)
Skin: Colored packing tape
Motor: 2205 red bottom
ESC 30 amp
Prop: 6x4 or 5x4x3 or ?? i will try a view different thinks

Greetings eXpire
Grüße nach Stuttgart und ... thank you for building the Mini Mirage and decorating it with the AP logo! The 2205 red bottom motor gives a lot of power with 4s, so you'll have a lot of fun. You should install a 5x4x3 or 5x5x3 quadcopter propeller. The motor gets enough air so that the shorter propeller blades don't matter. A 6x4 two-blade propeller could break off during landing if it is in the wrong position.

What does your Mini Mirage weigh?


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I ended up at 232g (8,2 oz if google is correct) without battery. With a nanotech 3s 850 i have a total of 304g (10,7oz). A 4s is still in the mail. I might need to add some nose weight. CG is off by about 10mm (~1/3")

I made quite a lot of pictures during the build, in case somebody is intested, i can share them.



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I decided to see if I could fly this thing and so I built one!

Here it is!


I am fitting it out with a Powerpack A equivalent and I will soon know if I can fly it!

It is sooooooo small in wing area!

Will attempt maiden on this coming weekend, weather permitting.

Have fun!
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What a beauty! (y)
If your foamboard is heavier than the FT FoamBoard you should use a 4s setup to have enough thrust and avoid any nasty surprises.
I actually removed the paper from inside the fuselage and will be running a pusher, (1400kV on 3S driving a 8x4 prop).

I will also be using a bungee launcher to ensure I get up to speed whilst very close to the ground to see at what speed the bird becomes controllable.

May make an EDF version a little later but I chose this build for something simple and yet interesting. Now that there is the "Master Series" a lot of the more interesting designs are being overlooked which is vary sad!

Also enjoyed the build design and ideas so even if it doesn't fly I will have enjoyed and learned from the experience!

Have fun!
I also have a 1400kV on 3S driving a 8x4 prop lying around. I actually wanted to mount it on the Tucano, which flies so well with the F-Pack setup on 4s, that I have refrained from it so far.

The Mirage as EDF version is still in the BETA stage, because I haven't found the time for it yet.

I'm happy that you like the build design.

Have fun!