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AP Mini Mirage (swappable)

Today was the day for the test flight with the fuel tanks - perfect flying weather - and it was successful! :D


The revised build plan (for free) is now available HERE.
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That sounds interesting! I have published the BETA plan for the EDF parts. Maybe you could use the parts. The exhaust tube is not yet optimal, I have to work on it.


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I can certainly try to make use of it. It'll have to be light so I think ill make a kfm2 airfoil and de-paper a good deal of the foam where it's not needed for structure. I am going to probably give the T-45 micro edf a last flight over the holidsya since I fixed it and made some mods but ultimately I was looking for a Delta Jet I can make into a micro edf and this looks perfect.


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The plane and it's organ donor

I was concerned it would be a bit heavy but it's looking good and quite light too!

Haven't mounted the top yet tying to figure out where to mount the edf and how to make a thrust tube.


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This looks great. What's the wingspan?
Thanks, it's 14 inches the same as the donor plane, tho I think the wing area is much larger which should help. I think I'll use the measurements from that t-45 to match the thrust tube and I'll put that together today. I may even add a rudder since I have the extra servo.


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mini mirage.jpg

not 100% ready but nearly... weather is terrible as usual so may wait for the maiden for the next update. may also add rudder before the maiden since i am more in the workshop than out flying this winter
I like the combination of red and black! :applause:

I had also thought about adding a rudder, but I couldn't find a suitable place for a servo in the fuselage. The only possibility I saw was to install the servo directly into the vertical stabilizer. That's what I will do with the version with 700 mm wingspan!