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AP Mini Mirage (swappable)

Hello. Love the plane. Im trying a First time build and am planning to try a wrecked umx mig 15 with 28mm edf and spectrum components to complete. I've sized it to 56% based on the 50mm u have spec'd... just wondering about any thoughts/ideas that would help.
1 question- are you removing the paper backing on your foam board?
Your project sounds interesting. According to the manual the UMX MiG 15 has a maximum flight weight of 93g. If you can reach this weight limit with formboard is questionable. You should remove as much paper as possible or use Depron for building. Have fun.


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Hello @AircPirateNinsei, your website seems to be down for last few days at least. Thought I'd bring that to your attention in case you weren't aware :)
Would you be able to post pdf plans here if the website is going to be down for long time?
I'm looking forward to building one soon. Thank you!


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Hi @AussieBison, thanks for the information! We have a problem with a German lawyer and an alleged data protection violation. The Wordpress included Google Fonts is the Problem! Someone wants to make money at our expense! I put all the FREE DIY PLANS in my Google Drive. You can download them here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/116HmxMpDsJLPbSnTQMf_2vKlmjUj0GUv
Have fun!
Oh, sorry to hear that. Hope the outcome is in your favor :)

Thank you for the gdrive link, do you have any recommendation for an easy to fly small plane? (Planning to use 5g servos, 1806 2200KV motor, and 2S 1000mah). I was thinking of building a mini mirage, but open to your suggestion. Preferably want to build a plane that only needs two servos. (I have 4 mini servos, so I can make two mini planes lol)
Unfortunately your setup is too weak for the Mini Mirage. For this model you need the lightweight FT Foamboard and at least 3S! With 2S you can only build the Sperber and the Eazy, but at the Eazy you will need additional weight in the nose with the 2S 1000Ah battery . Maybe the Godai works too in the simplest version.
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