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F-86 Sabre - 50mm EDF


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Wow!! That looks amazing, I love the orange! It's very reminiscent of an X-1! And I for sure love the low speed passes with this thing. Yes, @Chuppster is correct, cheater holes will improve performance but...

Question: Should I update the F-86 plans to be a better reflection of my 70mm Sabre? With molded fuse and nose? Wings would stay the same.
I'm starting my 2nd through 4th build of this plane. LOVE IT but the last one kissed a fence at top speed. I am going to round out the fuse and wings like zephyr did last, but going to try forming the nose with the one from the original plans instead of strips, pics to come!
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Almost ready to fly, just needs control rods and horns, may be a bottom for the nose. It has an eflite 64mm motor from the f15. I hope it flies well because the last one felt lighter and needed 70% power to stay moving. On this one the Elmer's foamboard I though was good, isnt. I couldn't get the paper off for anything, and I tried all the tricks, I'm also pretty sure its heavier. Ended up forming but with wrinkles on the inside paper layer. Found a dollar tree and a bunch of readi board so the next one will be perfect I'm sure lol.


I have never had any luck with Elmers, so best of luck to you. I like the wings, they look great. That shelf is placed awful low on the fuse though, I'd be a bit worried about the airflow to the motor. Let me know how the flight goes!
I agree its low, and I thought about that when installing it, but needed the room for the 2700mah 60c 4s battery. Flew my last one on 2200mah 35c and it was going through batteries in 2 or 3 minutes, and puffing them. I can always open up some vents at the field if I have to. Hoping to maiden this weekend.

Had a Lemon receiver go out on my F-86 and it messed it up pretty good. Basically salvaged the wing and everything else new. I was able to make several improvements and it really flies sweet now. I payed more attention to my fan mounting and thrust tube and I get a lot more thrust than before. I also gave the horizontal stabilizer just a little more area. I use 1600 4s 75c packs and it give me about 2:30 minutes of exhilarating flight. Will probably start on another soon, because I enjoyed building it so much.