F4U Black Corsair


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Where would i find foam sheets 100 cm long in the US? I noticed the fusealage template overlaps itself and definatly does not fit on to a piece of dollar tree foam board.


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How long are your guys flight times with a 3s 2200 mAh battery? My first flight seemed decent although I didnt time it, then yesterday I ran out of juice in 3 minutes. I was on full throttle a bit but not the whole time. Had to come in for an emergency crash landing. Smashed the front cowl but that's removable so I can just whip out another one. Plane looks pretty good, not painted yet though.
troutbum, i was reading your post and i have noticed the corsair design will be heavier than say,the spitfire,and maybe less areodynamic.
i built both at 200%,and when the corsair crashed,it was so heavy it looked realistic as it folded the landing gear and slid along the runway.
the design i built then was filkens f4-U.
i am going to blow this one up 200%,as it is a really solid design and easy to size-up,after i finish and fly the regular sized one. SAM_0134.JPG
here is a pic of filkin's design before the crash,the other two still fly.
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poster board with the tape

hi alp you say you cover your poster board with the tape but how can you see the lines to cut. or am i seeing this all wrong. please can you show me how this is done.
anyway this plane is the best design i have seen so far.you are a very clever man not only do you design the plane. you build the plane. and you. fly the plane. and still find time to help people out.and show your work on this forum good man keep up the good work. my plans are printed ready to start jest cannot grasp the tape and poster board bit thanks steve


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Thankyou so much Alp. A Great plane. Very much Appreciated especially here in NZ

In NZ we owe our freedom in no small part to the turning point brought about through the confidence and skill of the American aviators when they made the change to the F4U Corsair in the early part of WW2.

"Boyington's Bastards" or the "Black Sheep Squadron" VMF 214 as they we known by the press were extremely successful in turning back the Japanese island hopping Zero's.

You have made it possible to honor their memory with a beautiful model at an affordable cost.

Thankyou so much.

Lest We Forget.



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Good Choice on paper!

I'm not sure what craft paper is actually, but the red rosin is 10x heavier than the brown paper I got. The brown paper I started with is painters paper that's used to mask off areas and its nearly tissue paper. It's not strong at all. I switched to the red rosin and its almost construction paper thick, much better for strength.

Red Rosin with polycrylic is the strongest paper to use for recovering foam.




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Hi, everyone!
Here is my take on this corsair.
I made some mods to the original plans, including a bit thinner wing profile (closer to the spitfire one) and less dihedral.
Not finished yet, needs another coat of paint and stickers. The weather is not the best one right now to try it, but looking forward to the maiden!
Also, congrats on these fine plans!

WP_20151107_13_35_46_Pro.jpg WP_20151107_13_35_59_Pro.jpg WP_20151107_13_36_12_Pro.jpg WP_20151107_13_36_18_Pro.jpg


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Lookin good. I would think the thinner wing will make if fly a bit better. Don't get me wrong I love flying mine but it is a bit slow to react. Still trying to figure out my motor battery esc so I can get flights longer than 3 minutes. Also if u decided to do landing gear put it as far forward as u can. Mine has a tendency to flop over on its nose right before stopping.. it might be because I land on packed sand and it's bumpy. If I have 5- 13 mph winds I never do the nose flop though. Did u coat your cowl with something other than just paint? Sure looks smooth and shiny.


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Yeah, when I saw that the profile was that thick decided to do something about it.
The ideia is to add retractable landing gear and will take that into account!
As for the cowl, added only some filler, since there were some defects from rounding it.


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So, finally the maiden flight!
Still need to figure out rates and such, but it is a good flyer. Feels a bit heavy in the air, but maybe a larger prop will help.
The roll rate could be better and thinking of moving the CG a bit to the back.

Sorry for the poor take off and landing, I'm still a noob in rc planes :)


Thank you all for comments. So sorry. Yes i know i am lost but i was happy for many f4u on the air :)
I am interested in mini quadcopters now. It's really fun.
Here is my new toys new projects (diy of course)


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thats cool but i would keep both planes and multi rotors your on skilled builder and i wouldn't just give up on fixed wing
Wow! Looks so scale and seems to slow down really well. I'll definitely be building one this winter. Thanks for the plans, SP0NZ!

Corsair f4u basic spec:
Wingspan: 1155mm
Lenght: 890mm
Weight: 920gr without battery
Motor: Tgy dt750 (rewound)
Propeller: 12x6
Battery: 3s2200
Material: foamboard and coated paper or poster board.

Maiden flight:

Here is my design,
View attachment 40958 View attachment 40959 View attachment 40960 View attachment 40961 View attachment 40962 View attachment 40963

View attachment 42742 (edited/tiled by SP0NZ)

View attachment 41944
View attachment 41941
View attachment 42299 (powerpod corrected)
View attachment 42472 (skin "D" corrected)


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So, finally the maiden flight!
Still need to figure out rates and such, but it is a good flyer. Feels a bit heavy in the air, but maybe a larger prop will help.
The roll rate could be better and thinking of moving the CG a bit to the back.

Sorry for the poor take off and landing, I'm still a noob in rc planes :)

Very well done Pbarros. Looks like she performs nicely. I really enjoyed the one I built but unfortunately I lost orientation and crashed hard. Really not repairable. I just finished building a F6F Hellcat using the build technique alp uses for the Corsair. It turned out pretty nice including retracts. Will maiden her tomorrow. I will submit some photos soon.