ME-109 Scratch Build

This is my pretty much completed ME-109 scratch build. Like my FW-190, the base fuselage is the awesome Sankaran P-40 (I owe him a debt as always) with wings, tail, canopy, cowl and details designed by myself. The paint scheme inspired by the last picture.

The nose is a bit long and the tail a tad short but I hope I captured the general look. I'll maiden her soon but for now I'm just happy to have her done.

25" wingspan
Approx. 275 grams w/o battery
Powered by a 2205 2300kv, 5x4.5 prop and a 1300mah 3s.


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Wow, could you tell more about this beauty? Where did you find plans, what hardware you used? Help me recreate this. I really want to have this plane for myself :)