flight controller

  1. Tyson Haslam

    It all works... except the darn FC

    Hey Flite Test family! I haven't been flying for too long, maybe about three months now, and have really enjoyed the hobby so far. I have a working (for the most part) kwad that I've put together myself. I have a couple flights in the records, most of them LOS, and only a couple FPV. It took me...
  2. Q

    The drone of a Drone

    Hey everyone, I am fairly new to drones & quad copters.. I started flying Mini 3 and 4 channel RC Heli's around my office a couple years ago. The batteries all died and they stopped working. After about a year the itch came back when I saw one of Steel's FPV Acro videos. My first venture...
  3. K

    FC Receiver Wiring Help Needed

    Hello everyone, I am building my first quad and i am having trouble connecting my receiver. So I have a SP Racing F3 V1 Flight controller and I don't know where i should wire my FrySky XSR Receiver? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -King Kwad
  4. D

    SPF3 FC Arming Issue! Halp!!!

    Hey guys / gals! I recently swapped out some parts on my Wizard 220mm frame and am running into an arming issue. I have had a dozen successful flights prior to this and it has me puzzled. I can flash, calibrate my esc's and RC no problem in BetaFlight. While plugged into the USB and on battery...
  5. D

    Need choosing flight replacement stack for 90mm self built Quad

    Hi, I built the Quad bellow but I need a new flight stack for it, the one I have is running 20A ESC but and keeps crashing (i mean the software locking up not my flying!) It was cheap and as I can now tell nasty. The quad is 90mm, weights about 150 grams, I looking to run 3s batteries and...
  6. J

    I need help finding a Flight Controller

    Hi, guys! im new to the flight test forums (although not new to forums in general) but i hear that this is the place to be. I need help finding a flight controller that is compatible with a drone design i am looking to build. Actually, any suggestions would be great, i had a versa-copter but i...
  7. C


    Deluxe F3 Flight Controller With Built-In OSD Turnigy TGY-IA6B V2 Receiver 6CH 2.4G AFHDS 2A Telemetry Receiver W/SBUS I got this from a friend for free because he didn't use them and this is my first build and I was wondering if anyone knew a video or could make one showing me how to get osd...
  8. C


    Deluxe F3 Flight Controller With Built-In OSD Turnigy TGY-IA6B V2 Receiver 6CH 2.4G AFHDS 2A Telemetry Receiver W/SBUS I got this from a friend for free because he didn't use them and this is my first build and I was wondering if anyone knew a video or could make one showing me how to get osd...
  9. J

    CC3D Issues???? I think

    Hello I am new to this whole quad thing. I have bought an arf quad(Redcon Phoenix 210) and I am having a some issues. I got it today and plug it in and it had libre pilot on it. I got it setup and every thing worked except that on motor spun backwards not that hard to fix. I then downloaded beta...
  10. S

    First Time quad build. Can't get my KISS 32 flight controller to connect to my Mac.

    Hi Folks, I'm new to the hobby and was really hoping to take my quad out for its first flight ever today, but unfortunately I can't get the firmware flashed to my new KISS 32 flight controller. I can't even get it to connect to the KISS GUI stand-alone app on my Mac running Mac OS Sierra. The...
  11. M

    ESC/ FC issues

    Hi guys, I've just finished my first build using the ft 210 frame, emax 2204-2300kv motors, emax 12a bheli escs, powerosd, X-racer F303, and turnigy i6 receiver. So when I went to program the escs on beta flight I couldn't get them to do anything, no beeps when I plug the battery in or...
  12. R

    Tarot ZYX-M Setup

    I have been in the process of making a drone for some videography and I recently got a Tarot ZYX-M flight controller. However for the life of me I cannot get the flight controller to work properly. I may be wiring it wrong or setting it up incorrectly but I would very much love some assistance...
  13. M

    SPracingf3 evo vs KISS fc?

    Looking to upgrade my flight controller on my qav210 and deciding between these 2. What's your experience with them? Also want to get a pdb osd, so like the spracingf3 osdpdb or the power osd pro 2. Which one should I get?
  14. M

    SP racing f3 evo or kiss fc?

    Looking to upgrade my flight controller, deciding between these two: SP racing f3 EVO http://www.getfpv.com/review/product/list/id/2900/ Kiss FC http://www.getfpv.com/kiss-fc-32bit-flight-controller-v1-02.html Will be using spektrum satellite 3.3v diversity DSMX, will that work for both...
  15. M

    How about a micro brushed flight controller roundup?

    I've been having a lot of fun with the little Inductrix from Blade (adding an FPV cam tomorrow!) But I was thinking about trying to 3d print something similar to experiment with. I thought about using the FC from an Inductrix but would really like to have something that runs software like...
  16. R

    Tarot ZYX-M Setup Help

    Hello, I recently purchased a Tarot ZYX-M Flight controller and I hooked it up and i believe all the connections are proper and the led indicator module just blinks green and never goes solid indicating it is ready thus i cannot engage the motors on it. Can anyone lend a hand? Thanks
  17. L

    Skyline32 Advanced Flight Controller vs SP Racing F3

    Hi all, I've heard about these two board, mostly about SP Racing F3. The 1st one, is much cheaper than the 2nd one, but the features seem very similar. Is the 1st one worth it? Thanks for you help, L. Pinho
  18. R

    Flight controller for electrohub?

    Hi everyone, I have a electro hub set up as a spider quad. I use it heaps, now I have a miniquad to go with it. My miniquad covers me when I just want to do acrobatics and proximity. With a recent addition of a gopro hero3+ I think I might be setting up my electrohub to film. I'm not wanting a...
  19. T

    [Req] APM 2.8 flight controller CUSTOM FIRMWARE for quad copters

    Hello my friends, If you guys have APM 2.8 flight controller CUSTOM FIRMWARE for quad copters.. please Help me to find a download link for a custom firmware.. APM is a very good flight controller that has ground station controlling like DJI naza.. but there is no new firmware update from last...
  20. jhitesma

    dRonin - No longer just for the brave

    Ok, so as many of you here already know I've been helping out (as best I can - mostly by crashing my stuff) with the dRonin project. Well, last night we released our first public stable release: The official website is up at: http://www.dRonin.org We're also working on a social media...