1. Michael9865

    My First Quad Build - The FT Gremlin

    I have lurked on the sidelines watching all the people building and enjoying their quadcopters and tricopters, not to mention the hexs and octos. When I saw the FT guys flying the Gremlins around their shop I knew that my first Quad build would be a FT Gremlin. I didn't order quickly enough to...
  2. L

    Naze32 and ESC Full Throttle Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the miniquad scene, and just recently built my first 250 class copter. It has a Naze32 Rev 6, Emax Micro 20A ESCs with Oneshot, and 2204 2300kv motors and a 3S battery. I've been trying to set up my quad to fly in Cleanflight. I've been having an issue where when I...
  3. D

    Arizona Trip!

    Arizona Trip and Beautiful Desert! Hey guys, I don't normally post my videos on this forum, but I thought this video came out pretty nicely. I took my quad to Arizona during my vacation to see if I could find some good locations and get even better videos out of it. Turns out, Arizona is a...
  4. I

    FSIX X Cant Bind

    I just got a Fly Sky I6 X Model and I cant bind to my FSIA6B Reciever. I did programming in betaflight and it just wont bind. The light turns solid on the receiver but I cannot takeoff but it says it's connected to the receiver. I am using the Eachine Wizard X220. Please help me.
  5. J

    Kiss FC to old for GUI?

    hello i went to adjust my rates on my Alien and when i hit connect on the Kiss page it says Warning Kiss firmware version is older than GUI can handle. My FC says V1.03 stamped on it and i just bought it a month ago and it has always connected fine in the past and not had any problems with it...
  6. Usafa93

    Vortex 150 Spectrum Setup

    I just got my Vortex 150 and cant wait to fly! I'm running a spectrum Rd and a DX9. I seem to remember a video fairly recently of Josh or TJ showing how the spectrum is set up: 150:150 on each servo and recommended expos. Anyone remember that or have a link? Thanks! Jay
  7. JimCR120

    Blade Torrent 110

    I just came across this in my inbox: The Blade Torrent 110 It looks like it has what I want most in a mulitrotor and lacks what many of us didn't like in the micro quad category. At $200 for the BNF FPV it looks more of a good deal than the Inductrix 200 with more options for batteries. For...
  8. F

    Motor Mounting

    Ok, so i am building a Lumenier QAV-R, the frame is 4mm thick, the motors im using come with 5mm screws. is that long enough? is 1mm enough? or should i buy longer? how much space is there before i screw into the stator? Im using the Lumenier 2206 2350kv motors Thanks everyone for the help!
  9. NathanielF87

    New here! Will these quadcopter parts work together?

    Hi everyone, hopefully this question isn't too much for my first post :) Over the last few weeks I've been learning as much as I can about mini race quads, and want to get one. Before I start ordering parts though, I thought it would be a good idea to ask if there is any problem with these parts...
  10. I

    Giant 90" Freehand B-24(+2) Bomber/Streamer Tug Trial

    I got a wild hair... We're having an FPV Fun Fly this weekend at Southridge Park in Fontana, CA on the 11th. I decided to build the biggest multi engine bomber I could so we could all take turns at cutting the streamers in groups. I elected for twin tail, and used dual elevator servos for...
  11. X

    First Build - 1103 8000KV Whoop - Need Input?

    Hello FT Community, I'm considering building my first quad, starting off small tiny whoop size. I already own a Vortex 250 and 150, along with an inductrix FPV. I've been flying for 7 years, but recently have dived head first into the hobby, taking the initiative to grow and expand what I...
  12. X

    First Build - 1103 8000KV Whoop

    First Build - 1103 8000KV Whoop - Need Input Hello FT Community, I'm considering building my first quad, starting off small tiny whoop size. I already own a Vortex 250 and 150, along with an Inductrix FPV. I've been flying for 7 years, but recently have dived head first into the hobby, taking...
  13. M

    Father and Son - Multi-Rotor

    My 15yo son and I just built our first mini quad (a Martian II 220) and did a short maiden yesterday. We've been long time FT fans and have finally started to expand beyond fixed wing RC and see what the FPV craze is all about. We're taking our time and spending lots of time on the sim. Loved...
  14. JoeCosti

    LibrePilot, Flight Data Pitch and Roll Reversed

    Hi, Just got my first semi-good drone (ZMR-250) and it may be a bit out of my league ahaha. I'm on my last set of props after every flight attempt has smashed at least one off. The problem is that the drone is flipping as soon as it goes to lift off. I have tested that all my motors are spinning...
  15. T

    Airhogs X-Stream Video Drone Mod help

    Hi there! I'm a noob to FPV, antennas, and transmitter/receiver systems and would like some guidance. :) I got the Airhogs X-Stream Video Drone because it was on sale and I thought it would be a nice intro into FPV to see if I'd enjoy the experience. As is, the quad is WiFi controlled through...
  16. D


    I am building a qavr right now, and im useing emax rs2205s, littlebee 20a, and an sp f3 evo. Im using a turnigy i6 and an ia6b rx on ppm. In cleanflight, the stick inputs are correct and the motors spool up correctly when i enable motor control and use the slider. When i use the tx to control...
  17. I

    Drone + Xterra = Fun

  18. A

    Setting FPV for 250mm Quadcopter

    Hi there fellas, I've built a quad(250mm) using these parts: 1. ZMR250 clone frame 2. Naze32 10DOF Rev6 3. Emax 12a BLHeli esc 4. Marspowers mx1806-2280kv motors 5. 2000 mah 3s-30c Lipo Battery 6. Flysky FS-i6 tx with an ia6 receiver. I want to add an fpv system on the quad. But the thing is I...
  19. C

    BLHeli Flashing

    Hey i currently own a set of these: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MFK99X2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and was wondering which revision/version of the latest BLHeli firmware i can flash onto them. As they are a generic ESC, i would like to know what firmware is...
  20. andycho

    Fly My Tiny FPV Brushed Drone Through Beijing's Smog

    This weekend Beijing came an other big smog day. the weather is terrible!! But, it can’t stop me go out to fly. I know this is a little risk for health, but my fatshark hd3 goggles was ready, my tiny brushed quadcopter was fixed. I can’t wait.