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  1. FoamyDM

    FT Community, You're my only hope!

    What’s wrong with my micro setup? I wanted to try and make this plane Fly: So I picked up all the needed parts, small servos, light Rx, I first had an BR1103 then bought a DYS 5g motor, 2.5 and 5x3” prop, and ultimately HK version of a Turnigy plush 6A esc’s a Racerstar one for 1-2S and and...
  2. X

    BeeBrain Flight Controller & BetaFlight - Input Delay

    Hello FT community, I just built my first quad and am having a few issues I don't know how to fix. The first being a pretty large delay between my transmitter and my quad. I'm using beta flight and a bee brain flight controller with a DX6. I'm not sure what setting will lower that delay. Also, I...
  3. N

    Graupner MZ-12 Bind/Unbind? Problem!

    Hello, I am building the Versacopter v2 using the Graupner MZ-12 combo with the GR-12L. I am aware that they came factory bound but this being my first quad build i was eventually going to run into problems. As i was going through the RF settings i scrolled down to "RX bind" and pressed the...
  4. N

    Eachine wizard x220 receiver voltage too low warning

    It always seems to be something wrong with this dang quad. I will spend a day or two fixing it fly once and then go to fly again and something doesn't work. Amazing to fly and i'm just a beginner but dang it just doesn't want to fly. This time I cant figure it out. This time when I turn it on my...
  5. I

    F550 Naza M-lite jumps on gps and atti

    Hi Last week a upgraded my f550 form LibrePilot Revo to Naza M-lite and the atti and gps mode seams weard. Jumps sometimes, then stay perfect on the atti and next start to jups again couple of times. I record my flight so everyone can watch that and help me with that. Before i upgrade form...
  6. Bob A

    Old new guy, starting over

    O.K., I've made a few posts here, four so far, of little consequence, but now I need to post something of importance - I think.:o I finally got around to printing, taping together and cutting out the plans for the Mini Guinea. I then made a kit from Dollar Store foam board and built the plane...
  7. Snarls

    Having Problems Writing An Article

    I am having problems trying to write up an article and am wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same. Everything was running smooth then my browser crashed. I restart it and the article editor says it has unsaved work it can recover. Great, but it comes up with the entire text box up...
  8. J

    blade vortex 250 pro

    I recently purchased a blade vortex 250 pro and a set of attitude v3. the 250 keeps a constant beep w 1 second intervals, and this is right out of the box, i have no video transmission and no bind option. the drone and gogles were working earlier but the black box was full and it wouldnt let me...
  9. thatfpvkid

    Qav-Build Motor/yaw Glitch

    Recently, I completed a Qav-R build using EMAX RS2205 2600kv motors, Littlebee 4in1 blheli esc, and a naze32 rev6. After the build, we were able to get it in the air with one catch. In the half throttle range (around hover) it is very jumpy. It tends to sound like a motor is skipping or...
  10. M

    Inductrix tiny whoop cutout issue

    Installed the inductrix board into a carbon fiber/aluminum frame with upgraded motors and fpv camera. Problem is, the power to the motors will cut out, where the camera will stay on but the lights on the controller board dim out and motors stop. Switching batteries work only sometimes. There...
  11. C

    Show on the omnipresent issue: MOTOR SYNC PROBLEMS

    Hi there, I would love to see a show that deals with the omnipresent issue of Motor/ESC Timing Problems. A lot of People experience These Problems with either SimonK or BLHeli flashed ESCs in conjunction with either high KV racer or big low KV pancake motors. There is no good source on the...
  12. Loudmouthman

    HELP : 57seconds of strange Motor behaviour

    I figured it would be easier to demonstrate the issue I am having with a recent build. The motors are behaving erratically though now I come to type this I wonder if I should swap around the connectors at the board to see if its the ESC/Motors or the FlightController. Im going to go away and try...
  13. M

    [HELP ME] Dji Naza m lite motor problem

    I've got a quad copter built with Dji naza m lite and 30 amp esc and a sky fly transmitter. When i arm the motors one of them just turns on constantly and the other three motors turn on at different times when i throttle up. Can anyone help??
  14. B

    Versacopter V2 ... motor or ESC problem?

    Hi there. Yet another noob looking for troubleshooting help! My Versacopter worked flawlessly for several months until I had a bad crash and rebuilt. Ever since the rebuild, it will only fly using my 3S battery. I have 2 other batteries which are 4S. When I try flying with a 4S battery, it...
  15. A

    CC3D board problem?

    Hello. I bought myself a KingKong Force 200 starterset with cc3d micro flight controller. (LibrePilot tells me it's standard CopterControl not cc3d) Problem is - when i lay the quad on the table without propellers and give some throttle everything is working nice. I can give roll and yaw inputs...
  16. S

    Servo problem

    A few days ago I bought some ES-9051 servos for my TT, but when I connect them to receiver they don't want move and quietly clicking. What's that?
  17. Snarls

    Naze32 ESCs Will Not Calibrate/ Motors Not Spinning

    Hey guys, I would normally troubleshoot this myself, but I am a little tight on time. I just flashed CF back onto my naze after running dRonin for a little bit. I had to short the boot pins to get it flashed, but it connects to CF configurator now. First I went back to CF 1.09 because I had some...
  18. T

    Un-flyable FT Cruiser

    Hi everyone, I already built an FT Explorer and everything went fine, the plane flies great. I tried the FT Cruiser for my second build. A nice looking twin engine, how should I not be tempted :P So, I balanced the plane before maiden flight, using a 2200mAh (260g). Everything seems OK, but the...
  19. A

    Nighthawk 280 pro ARF motor issue..

    So, I recently bought an nighthawk 280 pro. Flew it a couple of times, then I decided to flash cleanflight to it (came with baseflight) To my knowledge this quad comes with a Skyline 32 board, an intergrated 12A ESC's. After my flash to cleanflight I enable Oneshot, flew it two times, had a...
  20. R

    Problem with orangerx 1W openlrs module

    Hi everyone. Ages ago I bought a orangeRX openlrs 1W module second hand. I had no idea what I was doing back then, so It got thrown into my box of parts for ages. Since then I've got good at fpv and wanting to give long range a shot. Pulled it out and tested it and it worked fine. I had no idea...