1. S

    Naze32 Acro/windows 10 nightmare HELP!!!!!!!

    So here's the deal guys an believe me when I tell you that I've spent countless days trying to figure this out on my own. Problem: For whatever reason I get a Failed to open serial port whenever I try to load the firmware in cleanflight. I haven't been able to get ti to load or recognize the...
  2. K

    Rudder for Tricopter

    Hi Guys New to this forum and love RC i have raced alot of cars over the years and want to take to the skys :) I have been watching the channel for the last few months (like 6 months) and after watching the quadcopter vs tricopter review and some tricopter reviews decided this was the way i...
  3. J

    KK2.1.5 Refusing to arm!

    I recently built up David's Tricopter v3 with a kk2.1.5 flashed with steveis's latest 1.9 s1 firmware. My transmitter is an OrangeRx t-six with a orx dsm2 receiver...
  4. C

    Electrohub Tricopter GoPro Gimbal Suggestions

    Hi all, I am looking for GoPro gimbal suggestions for a SunnySky X2212 KV980-powered Electrohub tricopter (3S 4000mAh). This will need to mount on the FT FPV Rail System. Certainly this has been covered before, but there is always some new offering, and I'm confused because some of them...
  5. J

    Electrohub Upgrades

    Any chance the FliteTest store might one day carry the carbon fiber booms that David Windestal offers on RC Explorer for the TriCopter? I ordered a set of 4 for my ElectroHub to test out, but it would be nice to be able to get them from here in the states if possible. I know they're only 10mm...
  6. G

    Number of Rx channels for Tricopter with FPV & Headtracking?

    Hello everyone, Yep, another newbie question. I'm thinking about building a Tri and might eventually try FPV. Simply want to clarify how many rx channels I'll need for a tricopter with FPV headtracking? Thanks in advance.
  7. M

    Building a Tough Tilt Tricopter, and need HELP! :-)

    Hi everyone, Well, I'll start with what I have so far... Tough Tilt Kit 3x Suppo Bl-2212/15 motors 3x BlHeli 20Amp esc Full Naze32 board with break out cable AR610 receiver DX6i transmitter 2200Mah battery So, so far, I have the motors running in CleanFlight, correct rotations and locations. I...
  8. E

    Quanum Trifecta Frame help

    Hello, I was planning on buying a Trifecta frame from HobbyKing, and was wondering on which would be an ideal setup. I had this setup in mind: Multistar 2209 980 V2 motors (x3) Afro 12A ESC (x3) Carbon 8055 props Naze32 Battery? I had some issues on the battery. Right now I have some 1500mah...
  9. B

    Tricopter electronics help

    I have recently decided to build the bat bone tricopter, but i have no idea what electronics to put on. I don't know what is too much or what is too little. I pretty much need to know what motors, propellers, esc's, flight controller, receiver, and battery to put on my tricopter. I plan on...
  10. A

    David's Mini Tricopter... Excitement

    Listened to the latest FT After hours - Podcast, and heard David talk about his Mini Tri in the works, I'm exited to see what is planned, and i'm saving to order one asap. Anybody else also exited, just wondering what electronics he used... Will wait and see, unfortunately have to. :D D
  11. M

    Tough tilt tricopter: motors won't spin from Tx

    Almost finished! I have been following along with the flite test video tutorial, and everything is working. When I plug the flight controller in to my computer with USB, I can see that my receiver is sending a throttle signal. The minimum is about 900, and the maximum is about 1900. I can get...
  12. J

    pan and tilt centering

    Ok so here's the plan i bought the thrifty mobius pan and tilt a while back and want to set it up on my tricopter but want to do it in a way that i can fly up lets say 100meters and then using my 9x adjust the knobs at the top to pan and tilt but then when flying again want to be able to flick a...
  13. V

    SOLVED - Tricopter servo jitter

    Tricopter & KK2.1 board & Servo Jitter Problem - Tricopters seem to have common problem with KK2.1 board and servo jitter. I just built a FliteTest tricopter with KK2.1 board (flashed up to Steveis v1.9S1), Spektrum-Orange 6 channel RX R615X, Emax ES3154 digital servo, Emax 2213-935kv motors. I...
  14. O

    Next Multirotor?

    Hello, I am new around here, so any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. I have had a few years of experience with RC flying; airplanes, helicopters, RTF quads, etc. Over this past year (on and off), I have build a ~450mm quadcopter and fitted it with the FatShark Teleporter 3 kit to...
  15. F

    Dragonfly Multi-rotor issues

    I have built a dragonfly multi rotor from the electrohub kit. Im using the emax motors from the powerpack in the store, 30A fire red series Simon K ESC from, emax 3154 servo, and for my FC a flip 32+. I am currently using 10x4.5 props. I have calibrated the ESC's together...
  16. K

    Rescue Tricopter

    I just watched the Extra 092 video. Got me thinking, how about a tricopter with a sort of servo operated grapple hook that could grab and lift stuff... like stranded tricopters etc???
  17. L

    Can you mount a FC upsidedown?

    I'm building a tricopter with a vibration dampened top plate. I'd like my flight controller to be on the vibration dampened plate but I also would like it to have some protection so I'm thinking of mounting it on the underside of the plate rather than the top. Anyone have any experience with...
  18. N

    Help needed finishing a tricopter

    I got the things to build a tricopter for Christmas and I have run onto some problems when trying to finish the thing. So it is 100% complete build wise but I cannot get it to fly for the life of me and I have absolutely no clue what is the problem with it. Specs Motors- turnigy 2730-1500 ESC -...
  19. kah00na

    In Flight Tuning Yaw on a Tricopter with Naze32

    I'm using CleanFlight and have two 3 position switch (really I'm using the two dials) on my Taranis setup. I have to switch between the P, I, and D yaw settings and the other to increase/decrease their settings. I'm using PID Controller 3. The problem I'm having is that I have no idea how to...
  20. S

    Naze32 Arming Problems

    I have a custom build Tricopter (using the RCexplorer frame; and most of the recommended build components) Its set up with the Naze32 and Lemon featherlite DSM2 transmitter. I've programmed one of the aux switches for arming/disarming; and a separate switch to toggle horizon mode. The maiden...