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DIY Arcade Machine build log


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That's a good idea, but let's be honest, it's not the same. LOL

My wife knows I'm an arcade junkie. The year we got married (9 years ago this past Feb 28th) we went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon. I found out they had the Pinball Hall of Fame a couple miles off of the Strip, so I asked her if I could have $10 in quarters to go there.
Hehe. Not really an arcade junkie anymore, but in downtown Las Vegas, at "The D" casino, had a great time spending quarters on the old Sigma Horseracing Game. Lots of laughs. 😎


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Used to have an icecream shop back home when the craze hit.

Donkey Kong was the first game in. I lived on that machine hehe. Then came defender and asteroids.

The owner felt bad I was spending my hard earned money on them so he gave me a key so I could set free credits when the shop was empty. Being the kid that kept his yard in perfect condition has its privleges hehe.

Wouldnt mind building one of these at some point. Todays online games are too annoying having to deal with everything being pvp where you either get farmed by P2W sissies or have to deal with foul mouthed 12 year olds constantly who cant play a game now without cheats or hax


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Yeah i have picked up a couple arcade machines over the years, repaired them and sold for some cash. I really want a pinball machine but they are way too much time to build and a lot of money. In this build i have about 1 sheet of mdf, old tv i was going to not use anymore anyways, and about $100-$120 purchased parts (rasp pi 3, arcade controls, power strip, powered usb hub.

I still need to put a front on the bottom of the arcade and dress it up with some more decals i cut on my cricut, but its basically done. I will do a longer video after this weekend. got a lan party going right now :)
First of all, WELL DONE!!! I have a controller set, but never built mine.

More importantly, do you know of ANY RC airplane simulators that can run on ANY version of a Pi? I want to connect a Pi to a mini projector, and run an RC sim for novices.
This task has been in a lower priority status for two or three months now, since the time I ran over the Picade pack in the store, and when somebody at my work demonstrated me their arcade comfort. In spite of the fact that it wasn't until another partner at work had a bicycle conveyed to the workplace, when the thought solidified in my brain to make a bar top arcade machine out of the left over cardboard box. You may learn more by visiting my page: https://creative-arcades.com/collections/cabinet-arcades


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I mess with retropie as well. Mine is just in a little Sega Mega Drive case though. The arcade box is cool on an entire differnet level, but I would not have the space for it.

Yet anyway.


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Yeah when i first stated i made full size and ever since than they always get smaller and lighter. There are some really nice small 2 player setups online that just sit on top of a desk or hang on a wall.
1/4 inch ply is really light and works well for that size.