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QAV400 quad build


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I'm really liking FPV on minis, so I'm going to try out a larger quad. I chose the QAV400. I plan on using it for more AP-like flying, but not necessarily AP. I'll keep track of my progress here.


MK 13: Lumenier QAV400

motors: SunnySky X2216-9 1100 KV II
ESCs: Rotorgeeks 30A v2 (BLHeli)
FC: BrainFPV v1.1
RX: FrSky X8R
props: HQ 8x5

current sensor: AttoPilot 180A
12V regulator: Pololu 2117
battery: Lumenier 4S 3300 mAh 35C

GPS: uBlox NEO-M8

camera: GoPro HERO3+ Black
video switch SmartFPV 3 channel
FPV camera: Sony PZ0420
FPV TX: ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz 600 mW
FPV antenna: ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz SpiroNET

motor to motor distance:
all up weight:
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Any reason for a QAV400 over other options like the CineTank or TBS Disco, especially if it is mostly for AP?

It was the fact that I have a mini that for me pushed me towards a Cinetank Mk2 for a 400 size quad, as I felt I didn't need aggressive style flying (as a QAV400 does better) as my miniquad could do it for me, thus I opted for a Cinetank as it is considered better for AP.


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These motors have a very long shaft coming out of the bottom of the motor.

I put the motor in a plastic bag and used the shaft to poke a hole in the bag. Then I put some tape around the hole just to make sure I had a good seal. I did this to make sure any metal shavings wouldn't get pulled into the motor by the magnets.

I cut the shaft off with a bolt cutter and cleaned up the sharp edges left after the cut with a file. I repeated this on the other 3 motors.

Nice build! You always do a great job with the documentation :D

I've got a QAV400 running Naze32 and it flies really nice! Had it for about a year now, but sadly it doesn't get much flight since I got into minis.

You will definitely love the BrainFPV! I have one on my Blackout and the OSD is super nice. There are so many other nice features too if you plan to run a GPS antenna. I'm building a Flying Cinema Tankito 30 Carbon right now and I am considering ordering up another BrainFPV for it.


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nice. this thway i want to ease into ap. ill keep short. typing one handed. bad fall last night, night morning in er. so i will be lurking for a while i heal.


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I picked up a uBlox NEO-M8 GPS on eBay.

I haven't seen much documentation on the wiring layout, but this is what I think the wires are: