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FTFC20 Bellanca Aircruiser C-27A by Matagami Designs


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Slowly working out the kinks in the V2 plans. Got all the fuse pieces and tail feathers made.

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I have decided I'm going to spray paint rather than use monkote covering since I wasnt having too much luck with it. o_O Maybe I will try it again on a smaller build. Decided to try a center hinge for the rudder and elevator after reading some posts by @PoorManRC. Seems to be working well. (y)

Now to give it wings. :D
Well.... I'm both flattered and very glad I could help!! 😊
The center Hinge does work very well. To note, I have a 1" thick piece of Extreme Packing Tape glued between the Paper, so I'm not only relying on Paper alone to hold the Control Surfaces securely. Only adds less than 2g! 😉
Perfecting the wheel pant design. I made how many of these? o_O


Well I'm pretty happy with the latest version (left) so if I can get the right side made then I'll be close to adding some color.
Looks great!!
How come the servo horn isn't perpendicular to the control rod? You get more range of motion when it's perpendicular.
The reason for this is to reduce adverse yaw through differential aileron. The way I understand it is that when your control surface moves down drag is increased and it pulls to this side. There is more motion in the up direction to reduce lift. Not sure how much of a difference it makes but i bet it helps. :)

So all the detail work is finished on this build. All that is left to do is fly it myself. Here are a few stills of the final build. BTW check out that neat nose weight i drew up and had 3d printed. This build was a bit tail heavy so in the maiden i had to add 70g to the nose. I figured why not make it aesthetically appealing dead weight. :p Will be interesting to see how this affects the motor temperature, although being as cold as its been i think ill be OK for sure.:unsure: Weather permitting i will fly it this weekend and then have plans posted in the resources shortly thereafter.:)

20191118_220323.jpg 20191118_220347.jpg 20191118_220636.jpg