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Hughes P21-J MKIII Devastator - Swappable


I like 3D printers...
After seeing this you really need to do a Klingon Bird of Prey. This concept and design would transfer nicely I think. Over all another killer Localfiend design. Still love to hear you giggle when you do things in your videos. I crack up all the time as you sound just like an online gamer friend of mine I have played with for years.
Haha, bird of Prey would make for a cool plane. I like the way Canard's fly. The Shinden would make for a good base if anyone wanted to attempt a conversion after it's released.

Looking back at the last picture of the first post, I thought man someone with more skill than I should build one of these and put the counter rotating setup that Willsonman designed for his Bugatti on the back of it. That would be EPIC!
I've been wanting a dual motor setup for this thing for a while now. Haven't been able to find one with the power level I want though. The Bugatti setup is probably a bit too crazy though. :D


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Hi! I really liked the work you did on the Devastator. I randomly came across Crimson Skies when looking for interesting new designs to build, which led me to your youtube channel, which led me back to the forum!

I would like to have a go at the Raven. I have a couple of good images of the plane from the web. Only thing I am really missing is the angle for the canards and the angles for the wing. On some images it seems like the wing is horizontal at the root with dihedral for the tip section and on some images it seems like there is an-hedral at the root.

From the build thread it looks like you have a copy of the game (I downloaded a demo but can't select any of the planes).

If you could send me some screen shots of the raven that would help me build a three view that would be great - or just a ball park on the angles I referred to earlier would also be helpful.

Thanks in advance.



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Sorry - please ignore my earlier request - if I did my research correctly the Raven was never part of the computer game, but was part of the board games universe. So the pictures from the web and pictures of the miniatures available for the board game will have to suffice for now.

Dang it! When I find a really cool and interesting project, it has died. Maybe someone has continued work on this and will post some pictures and more ideas for improvements? Well, a guy can hope.


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That looks so awesome! I went and found a decent play through yesterday in case anyone is interested in the game it's self.

Nice find. Always wondered what happened to to the Mechwarrior devs.

Figures just another thing microsoft aka mico:poop: took over and destroyed. They are just as bad as EA Games for taking over rpg's and insta tankin them.

Hopefully Flite Test / Loren intntl never get approached by them or google as it would disintegrate in under a year.


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I know there’s a bunch of us who would LOVE to build this sucker...e just need localfiend to produce the plans. I mean, i’m Sure Sp0nz would even polish them up if they needed with alignment marks and such. 😁