1. K

    Solved Newbie Looking for transmitter/receiver help (read the "which should you buy" sticky)

    I went through the "which transmitter should you buy" thread and didn't find an answer to my current question and that is: Do you need to use a specific receiver/transmitter combo? Or can I buy a Graupner receiver and use it with a Spektrum transmitter? Specifically, I'm considering starting...
  2. T

    Minor crash and now my quad gets no input.

    So I powerlooped on an extremely flat battery (stupid) and couldn't pull out, so I plopped down relatively lightly in the grass. I didn't lose telemetry (lua, voltage, ex.), but the fc is getting no sbus signal. Connections are all good. I tried a different receiver, no luck. I also tried to...
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  4. K

    New to FPV Quads - Have a pretty specific question

    Started with a Vusion FPV racer. Bought a Futaba Tx and a Vortex 250 Pro to improve and embrace the hobby. Planned to build my next one, then I found the TBS Oblivion PNP and I want some recommendations on the Futaba receiver that will best/easiest fit into the drone. Thoughts anyone?
  5. Snarls

    Control/RX Loss Mid Flight

    Had a few instances today where I would lose control mid flight. One time there was a visible RX Loss warning in the OSD as I loss control. Two other times losing control resulted in a slow flip, but there was no RX Loss warning. Luckily all times nothing was damaged because I was low to the...
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  7. FrostyDave

    Missing Some Key Components

    I had a blast at the first Flite Fest in Florida. I brought my Eachine Goggles Two so I could experience my first race the right way. I loved the feeling of a 5 inch quad over my Tiny Whoops. I'm ahead of the game in that I've already got a TBS Tango, goggles, an original Chameleon frame...
  8. N

    Looking for micro cams, and airbot fc and spektrum serial receivers.

    Currently I have a couple of projects that I cannot finish due to budgetary concerns. I am a junior in high school and my current income is 30$ a week so buying multiple cameras and receivers puts a large strain on my ability to finish stuff. I have a internal battery mount frame called and...
  9. S

    All kinds of Babyhawk issues

    After lots of troubleshooting in Betaflight and re-flashing of firmware I finally got my Babyhawk flying but have run into new issue(s). It flies for about 30-40 seconds on a fully charged 2S 300mAh battery then drops out of the air. The battery still has plenty of juice. I can re-arm and fly...
  10. P

    Micro cam and 2 DSMX receivers to finish my beauties. I will have extra stuff.

    Loving this Kwad hobby!!! Had a couple disasters but have finally built out a beautiful Chameleon AND Japalura but ran out of money (and permission to spend it from the wife, lol). I don't have the DSMX (SBUS?) receivers and a micro camera I need to finish them as I only have an eagle and it's...
  11. S

    FrSky R-XSR, no Channel receiver bands moves in Betaflight... Need Help!

    Hi, I just switched from Spektrum to FrSky on my 4 quadcopters. I do have a connectivity issue it seem, but it is pretty weird as it behave, or not behave... I spent a lot of time troubleshooting, please let me know if you have anything else then: 'it should work'! I am willing to try anything...
  12. M

    Gremlin Receiver Issue in Beta Flight

    Hi everyone! I've been having some issues with my gremlin in Beta Flight. I've followed the video build guide very closely, but when I go into the receiver tab, all of the values are at 0. I'm using the same exact receiver as the one used in the build video, and my transmitter is a DX6i...
  13. K

    FC Receiver Wiring Help Needed

    Hello everyone, I am building my first quad and i am having trouble connecting my receiver. So I have a SP Racing F3 V1 Flight controller and I don't know where i should wire my FrySky XSR Receiver? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -King Kwad
  14. L

    Receiver Input not showing up, Low Voltage on ESC Signal - Naze32

    Hello, I've been having some weird issues with my quad... when I hook up my Naze32 to Cleanflight and go to the receiver tab, it shows that there is no receiver input. However, when I arm and use the controls, everything works as expected, so the Naze is getting and interpreting receiver input...
  15. C

    what am I doing wrong.

    Hi, i am just putting the electronics into a FT Mighty Mini Arrow. I have a Spektrum Dx6i (with AR6200) and just got a RS20A 20A BLHELI_S. ESC. I wired it up as I had before (with a much older and chunkier ESC) but now my receiver is not blinking at all. The ESC beeps as I plug a battery in...
  16. PenguinWings

    Frsky Gremlin Betaflight Issue

    Hello benevolent Forum Members! I just got finished soldering up an FT Gremlin, but would someone please help me out with the Betaflight setup? It's being uncooperative... I'm using a Frsky XM receiver, so when I configure the receiver in Betaflight, I choose 'Serial Based Receiver' and...
  17. R

    setting up sprektrum in betaflight

    Hi all. I am building a new quad. "lost my old one". armattan chameleon frame, omnibus f4 v5pro FC, blheli esc 20a, spektrum ar610 receiver and dx6i transmitter. I've never used betaflight before. I used open pilot with cc3d boards and it was very simple. I have quad connected with bf I...
  18. G

    Redcon FT4x satellite receiver

    I own a DX8 for my blade helicopters. My primary transmitter is a Futaba 14sg. I have telemetry devices for it. My question is, any using the Redcon FT14X satellite receiver for Futaba transmitters? I would like to keep using my Futaba transmitter as I enter quadcopters.
  19. F


    Hi There, For the first time in my life i'm building a drone. It's going to be one for aerial photography and video. I'm almost done with it, but i ran into a problem i can't solve. I'm using a Q-brain 25amp 4-in-1 esc, in combination with a standard turnigy 9x receiver, and a naza-m lite...
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